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Do you practice hydrospeed for leisure, at a competition level or to make a living?
Do you want to play an active role in the development of this sport?
Join RIPH !

Switzerland, France and Québec/Canada

If you live in Switzerland, France and or in Québec/Canada, join one of the teams which already exist in one of these countries :
- For Switzerland, click here.
- For France, click here.
- For Québec/Canada, click there.

Other Countries

In Italy, in Spain, in Nepal, in Brazil or elsewhere, there are many hydrospeed swimmers. Perhaps you are one of these ?

You are a member of a club, you are looking for swimmers with the same aims as you and live in your own country ?
You want to create a club of aficionados of Hydrospeed ?

Contact us:mailto:infos-en@riph.net !