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More and more swimmers come together around common values connected with the practice of hydrospeed. This spirit can often be summed up in two words: pleasure and safety.

Coming from various countries and regions, some of them wanted to formalise these links and to develop dynamics around the practice of hydrospeed and the discovery of new play-grounds and new swimmers (according to the slogan "Free Ride, Free Style") by creastating an association.

RIPH International sees itself as a federative movement and not as an entity entering in conflicts with existing structures or organisations.

Its objectives are simple:
- To develop hydrospeed (or White Water Swimming) in all countries.
- To organise international meetings.
- To standardise regulations for training and competitions.
- To ensure international communication between swimmers.
- To develop a system of mutual recognition of various existing training programmes.
- To prompt to the protection of the environment and the places of practice connected with hydrospeed.
- To develop access to hydrospeed for the great majority of people and in particular for young people.
- To promote the actions and writings connected with safety.

RIPH International will therefore take all actions that it will consider necessary for the carrying out of its aims.

What does this mean?

Everything that contributes to the sharing of information, good opportunities, pleasure and experiments linked to training, security and techniques shall be done.
Local, national or international meetings, data bases, group photos, information thread... Everything is possible.

All of this in a spirit of openness.

RIPH, who is it for?

For anyone who wishes to participate, be they leisure swimmers, competitors, explorers, commercial people, beginners, children, cold water or warm water swimmers, without reference to age, nationality, level or training.
The only condition is to subscribe to the statutes of RIPH.

Are you interested? Write to us: info-en@riph.net.

Bye bye!